It’s Kevin versus Jeff! (VIDEO)

It’s Sophie‘s birthday, but as they celebrate with a party at the Websters it soon becomes all about Rosie. The Gazette article is out, featuring tasteless photos and sordid tittle-tattle about the family. Sally’s stunned as Rosie insists Jeff made her do it, and Kev squares up to him.

Michelle pleads with Carla not to let Frank off the hook and convinces her to go to LA and think about it all first, leaving her briefly in charge of the factory before she’s due to marry Ciaran in the Bahamas in a fortnight. Michelle begins her daunting task by storming into Frank’s factory. Branding him a rapist she makes an impassioned plea to the workers, explaining Underworld is back in business. The girls feel guilty and consider Carla for the first time.

As Katy worries about their overdue rent all Chesney can focus on is Fiz. But when he leaves for prison to discuss the funeral arrangements he notes Schmeichel seems subdued and worries he’s ill. Kirk promises to look after him.

Also, as Lloyd plays poker with the lads Cheryl sneaks off to be with Chris. When she questions him about the next phase of his treatment Chris still doesn’t come clean; And as the Windasses celebrate with a tea party Faye plays a trick on Owen.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Frank’s furious when Izzy and Julie down tools and follow Michelle out. Back at Underworld Dunbar has arrived to check on his order and Michelle has her work cut out convincing him it’s in safe hands. She manages, but as the girls work through the night to get the order finished Michelle goes through the accounts, worrying that no matter what she does the factory’s still doomed. Meanwhile, Michelle’s parents take the news that she’s planning to marry on a beach badly.

Fiz plans John’s funeral with Ches – she’s desperate to be allowed to attend with Hope, as in years to come she wants to be able to tell Hope about her father’s funeral. Despite the governor’s initial reservations he grants Fiz dispensation and let’s her say goodbye to her husband.

Sally has a series of showdowns at Sophie’s party, but as she berates Jeff for cashing in on Rosie’s ordeal he defends his job. Fireworks resume again when Sally then spots the engagement ring on Sophie’s finger.

Also, thinking that Chris is sat alone in his flat Lloyd feels guilty and heads over to ask him to join the poker night; Anna and Owen are left regretting keeping Faye in the dark.