It’s ladies’ night at The Loft!

Jacqui and Aleksander are on their stag and hen nights, but Jacqui can’t get into the spirit of the occasion despite Aleksander giving her his gran’s earrings to cheer her up. John-Paul tries to talk Aleksander out of marrying Jacqui, but he insists he’s got to go through with it for the sake of his family.

Meanwhile Tony’s upset when he spots Jacqui kissing Aleksander, and heads straight to The Dog to drown his sorrows. Later at The Loft, Carmel and Tina lament the fact that they’re not the ones getting married and Mercedes confronts Jacqui, demanding to know the truth about her wedding. But, at the end of the evening, an increasingly drunk Mercedes acts on her growing feelings for Warren, and she ends up in bed with him.

Jessica is unimpressed with Kris’s fake behaviour, but is also annoyed with herself for sleeping with his brother Malachy the night before. Meanwhile, Malachy wants another day of drunken debauchery with his brother, but Kris finds himself in a sticky situation when his fling (Nathan) turns up.

Things get worse when Jessica and Kris end up having a furious row, and Kris yells that he intends to get into bed with Nathan, when Malachy walks in – and hears everything.

*Screened on TV3, Wednesday April 18*