Sasha’s annoyed that Calvin’s hired Mercedes and Malachy and it’s a constant battle between the two girls to be top dog. Spencer tries to take charge but it all proves too much for him and he fires them all before throwing them out. Spencer eventually agrees to let them back in on one condition – he’s the boss!

Sasha’s completely humiliated when her love life is broadcast to the whole bar courtesy of Hayley. And she’s surprised when Mercedes encourages her to show everyone she doesn’t care and the girls finally join forces. Everyone pulls together and the night’s a huge success.

Anita refuses to listen to her sister and heads out in defiance with Ricky, sneaking a bottle of wine with her. Leila heads off to The Loft opening but bumps into Anita and Ricky on the way and realises Anita’s been drinking. But as she berates her sister, she’s horrified when Anita throws up all over her. Furious, Leila marches Anita home but feels guilty for having left Ravi to cope on his own when she sees that he’s scolded himself trying to make his dinner.

Also; Josh is thrilled when he gets the DJ spot at The Loft re-opening, but is gutted when Hayley embarrasses him and Sasha.

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