It’s Leo’s christening, but where’s Marlon?

So, the day has come for little Leo to be christened. His mum and one of his dads is waiting outside the church with Pearl in her finest, Bob suited and booted, Aaron in a shirt and tie (sort of) and godmother Laurel dressed for the part – but looking rather anxious. That’s because Marlon – Leo’s other dad (the biological one) – hasn’t turned up. After all the fuss he’s made of this baby, you wouldn’t think anything could keep him away! And in the end nothing does. He turns up at the last minute, but can’t join in the celebrations in the pub afterwards. He gets Laurel alone and tells her just how he feels… And Sandy sees it all!

Debbie is shocked when she sees Zak’s black eye. What on Earth has happened?! Zak’s not talking but Lisa is. She tells Debbie that Cain lashed out because Charity doesn’t want to know him and now Debbie doesn’t want to know him, either (and she doesn’t even know about Amy!)

Nicola is furious with Jimmy when she discovers she’s lost Brook Cottage to Rachel’s sister, Ali. He might be wishing the divorce were still on…