Last week Zoe succumbed to Jordan’s charms, despite being engaged to Matt. This week she’s in a panic about what’s she done! Zoe’s night with Jordan has planted seeds of doubts about accepting Matt’s proposal. Is the Clinical Lead right and she’s just not the marrying kind?

As the day wears on, the time for Zoe to give Matt her answer draws nearer and she still doesn’t know what she really wants…

Although Zoe knows Jordan isn’t offering her anything secure, she can’t help being drawn to him and their sporadic and hectic relationship.

She finally accepts Matt’s proposal but he quickly realises her heart isn’t in it and turns her down. He then deduces she’s slept with someone else and storms out leaving Zoe feeling both ashamed and relieved.

Meanwhile Adam faces the prospect of dying as the siege at the farmhouse continues. He manages to persuade his unhinged captor, Vince, to let Lyn be released for medical treatment. In exchange he offers his life for hers…

Vince handcuffs them both to the stove and reveals the house will explode when the heating goes on and ignites the gas. Adam tries to persuade Vince he has something to live for when Vince’s young son Billy appears. They escape with seconds to spare.

Vince later dies in hospital but Adam is filled with a renewed taste for life, which is just as well as Alice has contacted Jessica. It’s now time for the depressed doctor to confront his demons…

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