As Max and Steph prepare to walk down the aisle, Max finds himself at the Casualty department on the morning of the wedding suffering from chest pains. With OB and Tony worried about his long-standing heart condition, Max faces a race against time to make it to the church. Max finally makes it and he and Steph prepare to say their vows…

A distraught Myra runs out of the church after discovering that Kieron is sleeping with John-Paul. John-Paul begs her for forgiveness but Myra doesn’t want to hear it and orders him to leave her alone. John-Paul heads home to find Kieron alone in the flat. Kieron is rocked by the sudden public outing, and admits he’s worried he’s lost everything.

Tasking this as rejection, John-Paul assumes Kieron will choose the church over their relationship. But Kieron surprises him by announcing that he doesn’t have a life without John-Paul and he intends to leave the church so they can be together.

Meanwhile, unhappy at witnessing John-Paul and Kieron’s happiness, while his love for Steph is unrequited, bitter and upset Niall grabs his car keys and leaves. Will Niall put Max out of the picture for good?

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