It’s Mercy and Riley’s engagement party

The engagement party is in full swing and Mitzeee is clearly up to no good! But she is distracted and furious when an old WAG wannabe Letitia turns up and steals her thunder.

Meanwhile, Jacqui is disgusted at Mercedes and tries to convince her to tell Riley the truth.

When Letitia gets snapped trying to pull Riley and Mercedes realises Mitzeee is to blame, a fight ensues! Mercedes can’t control herself and things come to a head when she thumps Mitzeee in from of the thrilled paparazzi. The Costello’s are mortified that Mercedes could cause such a scene and put the baby in danger, while Mitzeee is left incredulous that she never got to pull off her show stealing stunt!

Also; Bart and Sinead’s plan to secretly meet is foiled when Myra sides with Diane; Cheryl is disappointed when she discovers who her secret ‘admirer’ is. She receives a note from someone asking her to meet them in the Dog. She thinks she has a hot date and is furious to discover the note was from Brenden.

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