At St Phil’s, Julia informs Heston he didn’t have a heart attack, but urges him to let the Dr Diana thing go. Later, Heston is alarmed to find Dr Diana by his bed – she wants a truce but Heston says he’d happily never see her again. Later, Simon arrives with information Heston asked for about Dr Diana’s background. Heston is delighted – Dr Diana will regret taking him on!

After her last shift at Housman, Michelle goes back to The Mill to pick up her things when Louis arrives with an eternity bracelet. Michelle says she doesn’t want a long distance relationship but he gives her the bracelet and tells her he’s going to wait for her.

As a miserable Michelle steps into reception, she’s surprised to find balloons, champagne and the team as they all make a toast to her. Later, Michelle visits Heston and confesses she’s not sure if she’s ready, what if she’s not up to the job? When Heston tells her life’s too short for ‘what ifs’, she kisses him goodbye and walks away.

Also, Rob and Jimmi risk their safety to try and help a proud man whose house is falling down around him.

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