Hannah’s 18th birthday arrives but, still upset about John-Paul, she’s in no mood to celebrate. Later, her guests arrive along with Freddie who gives Hannah a treat by performing an impromptu striptease for her. However, Rhys and Gilly aren’t impressed that Freddie’s stripping antics have stolen the attention of their female admirers. Rhys is also miffed to see Sarah and Craig getting all loved up, but is hopeful he has a chance of winning Sarah back.

Josh is crestfallen to learn Amy has decided to give Hannah’s party a miss, but feeling sorry for his mate, Fletch gives Amy a call. She turns up in time for Josh to perform his love song for her. Incredibly, it works a treat and Amy and Josh get back together.

Things seem to be looking up for Hannah too, when she and John-Paul sneak up to the bedroom for a quickie. But John-Paul starts feeling uncomfortable and back downstairs things begin to go badly wrong when he blurts out his true feelings to Craig.

Elsewhere, Rhys and a very drunk Sarah begin to get a little too intimate and a fight breaks out between Craig and Rhys, then Craig and Sarah. It seems Hannah’s 18th birthday is officially ruined.