It’s not a Happy New Year for Eddi!

Eddi is suffering the effects of the News Year’s celebration. She doesn’t get much time to feel sorry for herself though when she finds Rachel, a hung-over woman who has passed out. Eddi takes her under her wing, but comes to loggerheads with Luc when he disagrees on her course of treatment.

Ollie is enjoying working with Dan far more than he ever did being Jac Naylor’s punchbag. But he realises that the work is not exactly the fast pace he’s used to be on Darwin. Wanting to remain loyal to Dan, he keeps quiet.

But when a simple ankle procedure becomes complicated he’s happy to be involved once more in the world of high-stakes surgery. Realising where his heart truly lies he confesses to Dan that he wants to return to Darwin.

Sahira must track down a secret shopper on Darwin. As New Year’s resolutions, Sahira vows to give up crisps and Greg cigarettes. A patient, Rod, agrees to hypnotise Greg into giving up fags. When Rod dies, Sahira worries about Greg, who she still believes is under hypnosis, but he confesses it never worked.

Later, Sahira suspects patient, Martin, of being their mystery secret shopper but is surprised when a ‘satisfaction survey’ is found among Rod’s belongings.