It’s nurse Chris’s first day!

New nurse Chris clearly has a chip on his shoulder due to being a doctor’s son but Mandy soon stops him taking himself so seriously. Chris starts to get on well with the younger members of the team and reveals how he has always been a disappointment to his mum. Meanwhile, Emma watches on, pleased Chris has made friends but regretful them being colleagues hasn’t pushed them closer together.

Franklyn uses a variety of drinking games and activities to chivvy Jimmi out of his depression. It works for a while but Jimmi soon becomes morose; he loved Cherry and lost her and now he needs the courage to face that, not avoid it with booze and silliness! Franklyn bursts out laughing and Jimmi soon follows suit.

Also, Valerie’s own ‘Who do you think you are?’ experience doesn’t quite go according to plan when she doorsteps a distant relative…