It’s Ollie vs Elliot!

The mood is tense between Oliver and Elliot this week, as the young doctor continues to blame the senior professor for wife Tara’s death.
Ollie arrives at work hungover from drowning his sorrows following the funeral of Tara, who died during brain surgery. Knowing Ollie blames him for her death, Elliot gently offers support, but Ollie makes it clear he doesn’t need his help.

Ollie agrees to help Elliot treat patient Adam, who has post-heart transplant complications, but warns him to stay out of his personal life.
Adam privately tells Ollie he wants his heart removed, fearing the donor was a murderer who’s making him violent. When psychiatrist Sharon arrives to see Adam, Elliot learns Ollie missed his first session of bereavement counselling with her.

Ollie wants to tell Adam his donor wasn’t a killer but, as Elliot tries to stop him, Adam openly admits what he thinks of his heart. Elliot and Sharon are furious with Ollie for not telling them earlier. Then, when Adam tries to cut out his ‘evil’ heart, Hanssen wants to know what went wrong, and Elliot covers for Ollie, saying they didn’t know Adam could be violent. Will Ollie accept Elliot’s peace offering?

Meanwhile, when Ric finds himself on AAU permanently, he finds himself questioning his passion for emergency medicine.

And Malick’s irritation that he’s been consistently overlooked for consultancy positions leads him into conflict with Michael.