It’s open day – and secrets come out!

Kim and Max’s dangerous liaison, Rachel and Max’s power struggle, and Ruby’s meltdown – it’s all happening during Open Day at Waterloo Road!

Chickens come home to roost in cookery teacher Ruby’s class – and her home. The wannabe domestic goddess finds her life tarnished by her husband when his company goes bankrupt – and she’s just spent a small fortune with his credit card on posh nosh for the Open Day. At school she gets no sympathy and has her own kitchen nightmare in front of the staff, pupils and governors. It’s time for Ruby to wake up and smell the organic, free trade coffee she’s so fond of…

Kim could be in for a bit of a shock, too… Masterly Max has a guest at the Open Day that he would really rather she didn’t meet: his wife, Jen. She’s one of the school governors (ah, so that’s how he keeps his job!) and would be sure to discipline him if she found out about his out-of-school activities with Kim. They’ve managed to keep their extra-curricular activities secret but, on a day that goes from bad to worse for Max, Rachel walks in on them during one of their ‘meetings’. Max has made Rachel’s life hell, now she could use his infidelity as a wrecking ball on his life and career – but will she?