Everyone gets into their nautical costumes for opening night at The Jolly Roger. But when the women Rhys was hoping for don’t show, he realises Neville is actually hosting a gay night after a mix-up with Spike’s newspaper article.

Tony has to make his excuses to get rid of Theresa, his one night stand. Meanwhile, Jacqui calls round to see him about standing her up yesterday but, feeling guilty and unsure of his feelings, he tells her he doesn’t want to see her any more. Tony then decides to cut all ties with Jacqui and accepts Ash’s offer to buy Tan & Tumble.

Jacqui’s heartbreak then turns to fury when she discovers Tony is going to sell the salon without consulting her. Elsewhere, Tony is horrified when an obsessed Theresa turns up on his doorstep and he realises he slept with a schoolgirl.

Russ and Ravi head to the Loft where Ravi confides how much he misses Nancy but Russ insists he has to stay away from her unless he’s prepared to tell her everything.

Also, Ash ropes Anita and Lauren into working for him in Relish when he learns they’re bunking off school, but they run into trouble from racist work experience boy Gaz.

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