‘It’s over Charlie’

Belle is distraught, guilty and humiliated after Angelo’s outburst and Aden sticks up for her in the face of Irene’s hostile attitude. With utmost sympathy for Angelo, Charlie is taken aback when Roman refuses to condemn either Aden or Belle. And when she finds out he knew what was going on and did nothing, she’s flabbergasted.

Later, feeling guilty about her outburst, Charlie shows up at Roman’s with a bottle of wine, hoping to make it up to him. However, she is surprised to see Aden and Belle invited over for a special dinner.

It isn’t long before Charlie’s sharp tongue prompts them to leave. Roman is angry at Charlie for ruining a pleasant night, and she storms out. When she’s gone, Natalie asks what Roman is doing with Charlie – he is clearly just going through the motions with her. Unhappy, Roman gives Natalie 24 hours to get out of his house. Then, when Charlie comes back to apologise, Roman breaks up with her.

Although reluctant to let Martha leave the Bay alone, Jack is supportive of her decision. Rachel suggests a cancer retreat that sounds perfect, but Jack cannot afford the pricey fee. Roman offers to lend the cash and Jack gratefully accepts.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday January 7*

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