It’s over Darren!

Libby sticks to her guns, informing Darren that their relationship is definitely over and that she’s applying for a position at Erinsborough High School. Later, Libby is upset to learn that she was the last to know about Janae and Darren’s kiss.

Ned is angry with Janae for running away and involving Mickey in their fight. Determined not to upset Mickey any more, he breaks Janae’s heart by telling her to stay at Toadie’s until they have worked things out. Janae gets up the courage to ask Steph if she can stay an extra couple of nights and Steph agrees.

Already suspicious about a relationship between Angus and Bridget, Daniel discovers more evidence that forces him to act. He calls in Bridget’s parents and Bridget humiliates herself to protect Rachel and Angus, by declaring she has an unrequited crush on Mr Henderson.

Carmella is upset to be discharged from hospital without baby Chloe. Oliver tries to cheer her up by opening the baby presents but a beautiful hand crafted gift from Marco reminds Carmella of the love she has lost.

Also, Karl gets Oliver thinking about whether he should tell dad Richard about Chloe.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday April 18*

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