‘It’s over, Jack!’

Frankie is incredulous at the sight of Jack and listens in disbelief as Darren suggests they move abroad. But Frankie refuses to live life looking over her shoulder and demands to know who they buried in Jack’s coffin. Jack begins to realise how his actions have affected Frankie when she details how bad life has been for everyone since his ‘death’.

However, Frankie agrees to keep her silence after learning of Jack’s suicide bid. Paranoid Jack wonders if he should give himself up to the authorities but Darren is adamant they keep quiet. As Jack prepares to leave, Frankie tells him she never wants to see him again…

Lauren visits Newt in hospital and is shocked to hear he’s been diagnosed as schizophrenic and could be on medication for the rest of his life. And her fears for Newt increase when he tells her he killed Jack.

Russ tries to make Caroline open up, by telling her about his marriage failing and Mercedes‘ infidelity, but she still refuses to disclose anything about herself, leaving a frustrated Russ no nearer to knowing who she really is.

Also, Zoe is oblivious to Zak’s growing feelings for her.

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