It’s party time at Mill Cottage

Debbie and Lexi plan their big jewellery heist and Chas reluctantly agrees to join them as she’s worried for Debbie. Chas gets an invite to the party by asking Paul if she can work behind the bar, while Debbie gets her invite after secretly sabotaging Bruce’s car than offering to fix it for him in exchange for an invite.

Belle prepares for her party at Mill Cottage and Gray entertains the kids with a magic show. Lisa discovers what Belle is up to and she’s furious that Belle has planned a party behind her back. Lisa tells Zak and they storm over to Mill Cottage, but Lisa realises that they can’t burst in and embarrass Belle. Belle later gets a lecture and Lisa and Zak wonder if they should take her out of public school.

Billy is relieved when Debbie tells the police that she won’t press charges against Billy for stealing the car from the garage. But Billy is still looking at a month in prison for breaking his probation. Daz feels betrayed by his dad and Billy is crushed when he refuses to speak to him.