True to his word, Andy turns up at Tug Ghyll for Sarah’s party. And true to Cameron’s word, Andy’s not welcome. Cameron wants Andy to leave and, desperate to keep Cameron happy, Debbie tells Andy to go. It’s clear that Cameron is calling all the shots in Debbie’s life, but Andy makes it clear that Cameron’s not going to push him around. Debbie does later apologise to Andy – but without Cameron knowing. She tells Cameron she was talking to Andy about Zak because she’s worried.

Debbie’s not the most worried about Zak, though – that’s Lisa. Zak has been depressed and distant ever since he confessed that it was he who nearly killed Cain and Lisa has been unable to get through to him. Now she can’t even find him! Then Jimmy says he saw Zak’s van in town. Sure enough, it’s there – but Zak isn’t.

Nikhil’s not gone, but he’s certainly not around as much as Gennie would like him to be because he’s always out running. Well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, Gennie thinks. After one not-so-fun run with Nikhil, though, she’s out of breath… And then she has the wind knocked out of her when Nikhil tells her he’s going to train for a marathon!

*Second episode*

Panic over! Zak’s back, but where has he been? He definitely hasn’t been in any of the pubs he likes because Lisa and Sam have checked all of those. The thing is, Zak’s acting as if he hasn’t been anywhere and that’s because he can’t remember where he’s been. He doesn’t let Lisa know that, though, he tells her it’s none of her business where he’s been. Now she’s really worried!

Laurel would be worried, too, if she saw how Ashley’s treating his dad. Sandy’s not feeling well, but has been banished to the pub so that Ashley can have a night in alone with Laurel. Diane and Pearl are worried about Sandy, though, and Pearl takes him home, explaining that the old devil isn’t as devilish as he usually is. Laurel’s full of sympathy and goes upstairs to run Sandy a bath. Ashley’s full of anger, though and lets Sandy know he’s ruined his evening.

Megan ruins Carl’s night when she leads him on then turns him down. What does she want? Seems she just wanted to use him to interrupt Declan and Katie’s cosy evening.