It’s Pc Benjamin Gayle’s first day

New Pc Benjamin Gayle teams up with Pc Will Fletcher to help look for two missing children, Melanie and Jason Todd, when they find Polish worker Roman Lesnik beaten up on a common. Roman’s girlfriend reveals that he’s had problems with some builders on the site where he works, particularly Bruce Simner.

Later, Roman admits that he was caught by Bruce and his accomplices, poaching fish from a lake. Heading to the common to make their arrests, a fight breaks out and Will is punched to the ground. Ben chases after Bruce and his cohorts, but when he catches up with them, he finds himself alone and surrounded…

DS Stuart Turner is on the hunt for the missing children, and their father Kevin learns that he may be a suspect. CCTV footage shows the children talking to known paedophile Greg Pope but, when questioned, Gregs swears he doesn’t know where the children are – but admits to filming them on his mobile.

When the mobile phone footage shows the children with Penny Wilson, a colleague of Kevin’s, the officers race to her house where they find her having a row with Kevin. But where are the children?