Naomi’s confronted with the news that the painting’s been confiscated by the police and Polly Tranner’s in town, gunning for her. Naomi insists to Matt that the painting was a gift from Charles, but no one can get hold of him. Meanwhile, Polly confronts Naomi and makes it clear she’s out to humiliate her as much as she was when she found out about her husband’s affair. The altercation gets physical and Matt breaks apart the brawling women.

Terese is pleased to see Brad focusing on yoga, believing it’s his way of coping with his father’s diagnosis. But she’s unaware there’s more at play as Brad seeks out Lauren, casually bringing up their missing daughter. Susan muses to Terese about Brad’s strange behaviour but Terese brushes it. LIttle does she know that Brad has hired a Private Investigator to find his missing daughter.

Later, a scheming Paul threatens to press charges against Naomi for selling him stolen goods unless if she spend the night with him!

Chris has thrown himself into work and study but Georgia reminds him that life is short and he should make the most it. After thinking it over, Chris decides to joins Georgia and Will for a game of pool. This may well be the start of something.