Rachel’s hen and Kim’s bucks nights are in full swing, with Kim handing the wedding rings to Brad in preparation for tomorrow’s big day. But as Bambi the stripper begins to strut her stuff, Brad realises the rings are no longer in his pocket. Unfortunately, the hen night girls choose that moment to gatecrash the party, and Kim and Brad have no idea what to do.

The next morning, Kim, desperately tries to find the number for the jeweller, and manages to hide what’s happened from Rachel, who’s thrilled when baby Joe arrives. As Rachel heads over to Sally’s house to prepare for the wedding, Kim races to the jewellers to get new rings. But, on his way back, his car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and, with the battery dead on his mobile phone, things don’t look good. Will Kim make the wedding?

Sam confesses to Jack about her double life, explaining she discovered her husband was part of a drug ring and was sent to jail. With some of his cronies after her, Sam had to change identities to remain anonymous. Struggling to get his head around her revelations, Jack tells Sam she can’t keep hiding before promising to keep her secret. Feeling closer after their heart to heart, the pair share a lingering kiss…

*Screened on RTE One, Tuesday March 27*