It’s results day for Jack!

When Jack’s A-level results land on the doormat, Karen instantly assumes its good news and gets excited, but Jack hasn’t got the grades he needs for university. As Jack mopes at home, a devastated Karen goes off to work where she is forced to reveal that her genius son hasn’t done well enough.

That evening, Rob tries to comfort Jack by suggesting that he train to become a policeman. Jack is horrified: law is his dream, not being a pig! Karen tries to assure him of her love, but Jack just shouts at her to leave him alone.

Meanwhile, Jimmi insists that Michelle should give it a while before moving back home, but a defiant Michelle returns to her empty flat. While cooking dinner, Michelle picks up a vodka bottle – but a glimpse at her reflection prompts Michelle to pour it down the sink.

Also, Jinx flees the hospital in a bid to see youngster Gabriel, while his guardian Una panics over his whereabouts. Jimmi later learns that Jinx is Una’s daughter and Gabriel is Jinx’s son – can the estranged family be reunited before it’s too late.

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