It’s Rob’s last day in CID

It’s Rob’s last day in CID and Driver makes him come back later in the evening to complete an exit interview. Rob moans to Karen that going back to uniform feels like a backwards step.

Rob arrives for his interview later and Driver looks bored and reads from a script. She seems to take pleasure in asking Rob, which case he regrets the most.

She eventually does say that Rob is a good copper which leaves Rob happy until he sees a vacancy for CID advertised in the station. He asks Driver why didn’t she tell him about it, and she says he can apply just like anyone else.

Simon has his first shift on the out-of-hours service, and even Zara is taken aback when his gorgeous, Australian driver Mitch Dawson arrives. Simon and Mitch have instant chemistry and Mitch reveals he’s a vet and is driving to pay off his student debts. After dealing with Jack’s friend, they get an urgent call to the Churchill Estate where Simon finds heavily pregnant Jaza Gibson.

Mitch waits outside on the ominous looking estate as Simon treats Jaza. All is going well until her drug-addicted boyfriend Mikey Wilcox arrives and they begin to argue. Mikey lunges for Jaza, Simon goes to defend her and ends up with a knife in the stomach.

Meanwhile, under pressure with deadlines looming, Jack faces temptation and an ethical dilemma when he discovers a friend’s new secret to success.

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