Steph tries to conceal her excitement when Kris invites her to come to rehearsals on the night of the Rocky Horror Show – could her cunning plan have worked? After seeing that Steph knows all the words and set changes, Kris hints that he has something special for her to do.

But Steph is deflated to learn he wants her to stand in for the assistant manager in the wings and hold a fly rope that operates a bush. Annoyed Steph only half-heartedly secures the rope, leaving Summer injured by Steph’s botched job.

OB and Max argue over what happened to Simon, and their row gets heated as OB claims their friendship has always been about Max. Later, OB is shocked to see graffiti on Simon’s house. Angry that Max’s actions have made Simon’s life unbearable, OB doubts their friendship can survive.

Beth is angry with Gilly for adding to Simon’s grief, while elsewhere, Rhys is secretly pleased to hear they’ve split up, and attempts to comfort Beth. Meanwhile, Gilly finds himself still out of favour with Beth after telling her he would do what he did to Simon all over again if he had to.