Appreciating that Harvey won’t get through to Roo alone, Winston takes it upon himself to intervene, making Roo realise that Harvey is the man she loves and, before long, the wedding’s back on. Apart from Winston fainting with the stress, the wedding is a great success, to Roo’s delight.

A despondent April confides in Irene about Dex’s seizure and, at the wedding reception, Irene’s unable to keep the news from Sid. Sid is incensed and confronts his son but Dex will hear none of it. He didn’t want to worry people and as far as he’s concerned, he’s handling it. Meanwhile, Dex tells April that they’re better as a team and he wants to get back together, to April’s delight.

Casey learns that Tamara’s running out of money and offers her a shift waitressing at the wedding reception. When Sasha notices her, however, Casey tries to explain that she saved his life and he’s only trying to help her out. Tamara sees them embracing and storms off with Casey in pursuit. He asks what’s troubling her and she kisses him in answer. Unfortunately, Sasha’s looking on.