Brad and Sally’s wedding day arrives, with Pippa turning up. Sally goes to the beach to talk to Brad about her marriage doubts, but is prevented by interruptions and Brad’s evasiveness. Back at the house, Sally starts to get ready for the big event, with the boys preparing at the Holden house. With both wedding parties getting increasingly nervous, the girls swig back the champagne and the boys go for the whisky.

Unfortunately, the booze ends up down Brad’s shirt, prompting him to go back to Sally’s for a clean one, where he discovers that Cassie has taken off to visit Henk in hospital. Grim Brad takes it upon himself to go to the hospital to sort the situation out and tells Henk he should leave town the following day – or Brad won’t be responsible for his actions.

The service arrives and Brad and the boys head to the beach and start to relax as the guests arrive. The girls finally make it to the beach too, but Sally keeps finding things to delay her at the house. Pippa asks her what’s going on, and Sally admits she’s made up her mind – she can’t go through with the wedding.

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