Rudely interrupted after kissing Toadie – initially by Sonya calling on his phone – Naomi’s further thwarted from unpacking the kiss by the arrival of Sheila, who after finding a receipt for lingerie, barges into Toadie’s house and drags Naomi home. After talking to Karl and Sheila, Toadie realises Naomi’s been manipulating him. Later when Naomi arrives to speak to Toadie, she’s shocked when he fires her.

Embarrassed and heartbroken, Naomi takes it out on Sheila and the pent up anger and guilt between the two leads to a surprise revelation when Sheila informs Naomi her selfishness lead to her own father’s fatal heart attack.

Still stinging after discovering her old teddy bear amongst the rubbish, Paige is reluctant when Lauren asks her to have coffee with her. But when Lauren asks for advice on her art project and explains the subject –  a drawing of her family, including her daughter Lily – Paige is moved and is about to reveal who she is… when Matt inturrupts.

Contemplating it further, Paige is confused as to why her mother threw away the only memento of her. After a cryptic discussion with Brennan regarding what keeping or discarding mementoes could mean, Paige decides now is the time to tell Lauren the truth.