It’s Sinead versus Lindsey!

Sinead continues to hassle Sonny about punishing Lindsey, so he gives Sinead some pills to plant in Lindsey’s hospital locker. However, Sinead’s caught by a security guard and she knows she’s busted. She legs it but falls over and cuts her hand. Sonny takes Sinead back into the hospital where Lindsey gives her a tetanus shot. Sinead lashes out and when Lindsey falls backwards on to the medical trolley, Sinead’s used needle sticks into her thigh. Both Sinead and Lindsey go for tests and Lindsey’s stunned when Sinead tells her she’s been living with HIV – but she’s lying.

Both Freddie and Joe are shocked when Lindsey tells them she may test positive for HIV, while Sinead tells Sonny that she feels guilty for lying. Sinead goes to apologise to Lindsey but when she sees her with Katy’s music box, that Joe bought her, she realises that she deserves to lose everything.

Grace goes to visit Trevor and tells him that she misses him, but his response gives her food for thought.

Ziggy apologises for interfering and when Nana gets him a modelling job that he’d previously missed out on, he offers her a job as his agent.