Sinead is anxious as she prepares to go to court, while Freddie is being threatened by Trevor to make sure she stays quiet. They’re both relieved when she gets community service and a fine but Sinead is mortified when she tries to kiss Freddie and he recoils. Later, Sinead returns home to find the door has been kicked in and a strange man is waiting for her inside…

Joe is suspicious of Fraser when he overhears him on the phone. He invites Fraser to the gym and confronts him about what happened to Ken. Joe questions his mum about how well she knows her boyfriend and they decide to follow him home. However, they’re busted when Sandy’s coat gets caught in Fraser’s electric gates! His house is huge!

Sandy tells Patrick what happened to Robbie at his aunt and uncle’s. When Robbie goads John Paul and the teacher loses his cool, Patrick is forced to tell JP what happened too. John Paul goes to apologise to Robbie, but when he puts his hand on the teen’s shoulder, Robbie threatens to report him – like he did to Ken! 

Also, Maxine is struggling following her breakup with Patrick so Ash suggests they go to a pole dancing class.