It’s Sonya and Toadie’s big day!

The night before their wedding, Paul arrives to tell Toadie and Sonya the ballroom is out of commission and they’ll have to use a marquee. Can anything else go wrong? Come the big day, though, everything runs perfectly as the couple are married in a beautiful ceremony.

Amber appeals to her brothers to patch things up with Robbo and Mason agrees, to Bailey’s amazement. Later, Mason and Robbo go through their plans and set things in motion. But Robbo’s belief that the security guard would be away proves wrong and the thieves are forced to flee – but not before Sonya sees them, though Mason is wearing a balaclava. He returns to his job as a waiter at the reception as Robbo scarpers.

Meanwhile, Rani is horrified by the dress her mother has bought her for the wedding. At the reception, Callum tells her she looks beautiful but Rani throws a wobbly and storms off. Priya feels responsible and is determined to get her to come back to the wedding.

Then, as Sonya prepares to throw her bouquet, she recognises Mason’s belt buckle and realises he’s one of the robbers. As she throws the flowers to be caught by Vanessa, a gas bottle catches alight and a huge explosion follows, enveloping the marquee in a fireball…