It’s Sophie and Sian’s big day!

As Sophie prepares for her wedding Kevin takes her to one side to ask if she’s having second thoughts, but Sophie assures Kevin she’s doing the right thing. With the service underway Sally and Janet look proudly at their daughters, but Kevin secretly fears that Sophie’s making a mistake. Sian reads out her wedding vows, but when it comes to Sophie’s turn, she’s overcome with emotion and stumbles. It’s not doubts, just nerves. But as Kevin watches his daughter struggle for words his need to protect her is overwhelming.

When Stella receives some money from a great aunt Karl’s faced with temptation. He resorts to desperate measure when he steals the cash to fund his growing gambling habit.

Norris is considering throwing in the towel, but Mary won’t hear of it and when Sylvia suggests musical D-Day is in two weeks’ time it’s game on for him and Sylvia.

Also, Gail and Eva disagree as Nick looks at flats; while Steve and Tracy plan their wedding Becky’s determined to pick herself up and carry on.