It’s Stacey and Bradley’s big day


Sean is in a dark mood on the morning of the wedding and he downs some booze and storms over to confront Max about his affair with Stacey. Sean drags Max into the Square and threatens him. Stacey is horrified to realise that Sean knows the truth.

Stacey tells Sean that the affair is over and she pleads with her brother not to spoil her future. Sean refuses to back down but Stacey heads off to her wedding, leaving Sean in the Square. Bradley proudly waits for his bride in the church and Stacey arrives, determined to go ahead with the wedding. But Sean has hitched a lift to the church and when it gets to her vows she panics and runs out!

Bradley and Max follow her into the vestry and Max hints that they should call things off but Bradley tells Stacey he’ll be waiting for her at the altar. Meanwhile, Tanya realises that Sean has interfered and she tells him that if he really cares for her he should talk to Stacey. Sean realises she’s right and he encourages Stacey to follow her heart. Stacey returns to the altar and becomes Mrs Bradley Branning.

Also, Lauren catches explosive revelations when she leaves her video camera running; Jack flirts with Ronnie.

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