Steph prepares for her wedding but is fighting back the tears. Lyn tells her to pull herself together or she’ll give the game away. Lyn’s worried that since Steph told Sonya the truth about her sham relationship, Sonya will cause trouble. Steph wonders if she should tell Toadie what she’s done but Lyn urges Steph to stick to the plan, knowing a last-minute cancellation would raise too many questions.

Toadie has a man-to-man talk with Callum, telling him that Sonya has gone for good. To prove he has accepted this, Callum surprises Steph with a loving gift that piques her guilt and drives her to admit the truth to Toadie.

Michael takes Libby’s advice about setting some boundaries with Natasha. He decides to have an adult conversation about her relationship with Andrew. But when Tash takes Andrew into her room and Michael hears the sound of bedsprings, he’s pushed to his limit.

Sonya is on her way to Perth when her car breaks down, and who should arrive to help her but Lucas. He can’t fix it in time and the pair end up going to the wedding. Lyn is horrified when she sees Sonya arrive. Will she throw a spanner in the works?

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