Despite the chaos at the Scully house, Summer decides to start attending Erinsborough High, confident she will be able to handle herself at a new school. Andrew and Harry soon have their doubts when they witness year 11 bully Macca taking Summer under his wing. However, it’s not long before the boys soon learn that Summer Hoyland is not a girl to be messed with.

Having told their respective families about their ‘relationship’, Toadie and Steph go to the next port of call: the Kennedy’s. At first Susan and Libby aren’t entirely convinced their relationship is the real thing. However after some cross examination the Kennedy women are satisfied that Toadie and Steph are happy together.

Lucas continues to take the news badly, angry at being rejected and at the fact that he’s the only one who thinks the new relationship isn’t right. At his wits’ end, Lucas forces a passionate kiss on Steph, challenging her to deny she still has feelings for him.

Tortured Steph forces herself to tell Lucas it’s over and that she loves Toadie. Toadie and Steph think they’ve dealt with the worst of Lucas’s anger, but it’s only a matter of time before this volcano erupts.

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