As Michelle and Carla arrive for the wedding fayre, they’re annoyed to see Tracy and Robert there with a stand for the florists. Robert’s surprised to see Carla, while Tracy’s convinced they’ve organised a secret tryst. Meanwhile, telling Michelle she needs her painkillers, Carla slips away. Barging into Carla’s room and snatching her painkillers from her, Tracy demands to know where Robert is. Carla assures her she has no idea, but Tracy rounds on Carla, revealing she knows about their night of passion.

Jason’s grateful when Phelan shows him a load of kitchen fittings he’s acquired and offers to sort out Eileen’s cupboards for her.

Leanne shows Ken the video of the match and apologises to Simon for not believing him. She assures Simon that she’s retracted her statement and he’s not in any trouble, but he’s not interested.

Eva phones round the local homeless shelters, but there’s no sign of Marta. Sally’s in her element as she and a reluctant Tim pose for Norris’s campaign photos.