It’s tense in the Robinson household

When Lyn returns from the prison, she sees Karl, Susan, Toadie and Sonya in Harold’s, making plans for a community quilt to raise funds for the hospital. When Susan asks Lyn to get involved, she lashes out, reminding Karl he threw her out of the hospital last time she tried to help.

Furious, she tells Karl to get out. Later, Susan goes to see Lyn, asking her to get involved with the quilt. When Susan asks Lyn how Steph was, she admits that Steph refused to see her.

Back home, Rebecca tells Paul she hated every minute of the ceremony and tells him she will never love him again and she is only there to save Declan from going to jail. She heads round to see Michael but he tells her his life is complicated enough and he can’t get involved with her.

Declan tells Paul to give Rebecca space and so he organises a trip for her to take India to see her other grandparents. When she accepts, Paul reminds her it’s a two-way ticket and she has to return. She writes Michael a letter explaining that she is going away and also telling him how she feels about him. He races to the bus stop, but it’s too late, she’s gone.

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