It’s the day of Bruce’s funeral

Geoff tells Michael he doesn’t want him at Bruce’s funeral service or at the farm, which leaves him devastated. But after some thought, Michael realises that Bruce would have wanted him at the service and opts to turn up anyway.

At the Chapel, Michael is shocked when Reverend Hall lays into him for his past connection with The Believers and his relationship with Martha. He also attacks Martha for her pole-dancing days with Cam and banishes them to the back of the chapel. Later that night at Martha’s place, Michael goes through some of Bruce’s mail and is shocked to discover that the bank is foreclosing on the farm and plans to seize it the next day.

Following her attack, Marie wakes up in hospital where she is very distressed to see Lewis. The exchange causes Sam to become suspicious of Lewis, especially when she learns he was seen near where Marie was found. Marie has no memory of what happened but Jack gets suspicious when Lewis later admits he did meet Marie, but didn’t attack her.

Meanwhile, Sam does some detective work of her own and shows Jack evidence that Lewis had been working as an ambo every time the hospital attacker struck, and the night Sam was followed. Could Lewis be the attacker?

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