It’s the day of Lynsey’s funeral

It’s the day of Lynsey’s funeral. The village gathers and her parent’s weep by their daughter’s side. At the church, the emotion overwhelms Lynsey’s Dad and brother. Cheryl and Brendan carry the coffin – a moving sight – will this mend the rift between them? Back at Chez Chez, it’s party time, Cheryl style, when the karaoke gets whipped out.

However, things get heated when Darren makes a passing comment about Lynsey’s looks and incurs Brendan’s wrath. Back at Cheryl’s flat, anger turns to passion as Eoghan and Brendan revisit old times. It’s the morning after the night before for Brendan and Eoghan and the anger between them hasn’t settled.

Nancy wants to go to Lynsey’s funeral. However, she can’t leave her son. Seeing desperate Nancy is to say goodbye to her friend, Darren arranges for Frankie to baby-sit. It’s too much for Nancy and she rushes out of the church during Cheryl’s speech.

Later, when Jacqui sees Joel wearing Tony’s watch and finds out they broke into his flat, she assumes they also must have stolen Cindy’s necklace and feels guilty for accusing Rhys. Later, Cindy is confused that her necklace has miraculously re-appeared and thinks someone’s left it as a warning that they know.