It’s the day of Nate’s hearing

Denny is contemplating what to do regarding the news that Brax is alive. Suddenly, Kat comes along and pours her heart out about her break–up with Nate, so Denny tells Kat to fight for her man. Kat finds Nate and tells him she wants to support him at his hearing, but he’s adamant he’s going alone.

Nate’s hearing gets underway and Ricky tells everyone what a wonderful doctor he is. However, her outburst makes things worse and Nate is given a four-week suspension. Afterwards, Ricky tells Denny that she does have feelings for Nate, so Denny rips up Billie’s letter.

Kat’s determined to get her relationship with Nate back on track, so she books a mini-break away. Meanwhile, it’s the day of the transplant and Phoebe and Ricky look on anxiously as Ash and Kyle are taken to the operating theatre…