It’s the day of Riley’s memorial

Riley’s memorial turns into a football match and Rhys is annoyed when Tony is picked before him and scores against him. Meanwhile, Ste is angry when Ally arrives. When they all head to The Dog after, it then turns into a witch-hunt against Brendan as the lads gang up on him before Cheryl steps in.

Later, it’s time for Cheryl to clear out Lynsey’s room and it’s emotional when she finds a tape they made – a bittersweet memory. She says goodbye to her best friend as she packs up the last box.

Bart plans a perfect lad’s night to make Jono stay, but ends up in a drug-fuelled haze instead, making Jono’s decision to join the Army even easier. Ruby is devastated by his decision so Maddie suggests telling him she still loves him. They get back together, but Jono still plans to leave.

Cheryl offers to help Tony with the wedding, to ease Cindy’s ‘stress’. But she takes Tony’s friendship the wrong way when she leans in for a kiss.

Also, Esther decides to stand against Maddie at college.