It’s the day of Steph’s operation

It’s the day of Steph’s dreaded hysterectomy operation, but she can’t take the stress of telling her family and lies to them that she and Gilly are off to Scotland for a romantic trip.

Gilly’s angry and wonders why Steph’s refusing her family’s support, but she insists she can’t tell them the truth – she knows how much her family has been through already. As she prepares for the operation, Gilly goes behind her back and calls Frankie – she needs to get to the hospital now.

Loretta is thrilled that her leukaemia lie has succeeded, she has what she wants and now Jake’s now totally devoted to her. But her lie quickly grows out of hand when she learns that Charlie had leukaemia, so Jake knows more about the subject than she does. Meanwhile, Jake is becoming suspicious again and with Dom’s help he figures out that Loretta’s leukaemia dates don’t quite add up.

Also, Newt anticipates Rae’s 18th and tries to convince her she’s got nothing to fear – there is no deathly curse. Rae is unconvinced and takes dramatic means to protect herself.

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