Family feuds and land wars are put aside as the villagers gather to join the Bartons in their grief. Heartbroken Holly clings to Roz, who has returned to support her friends. But Hannah feels all alone and Adam is feeling the strain as he struggles to stay strong for the rest of his family. Alone in the fields, Adam fights back tears as he looks at what his family struggled to achieve. For one brief moment his family’s future looked bright and now he can see nothing but dark days ahead.

Laurel sees how unhappy Sandy is, but she doesn’t see Ashley continue to torment his father. She doesn’t see Ashley sneer at his dad when he says he wants to go to the funeral and she doesn’t see Ashley refuse to cash Sandy’s pension for him. She’s not blind – Ashley’s just being very devious.

Megan’s being very open with Bob as she helps him set up for the wake and she has clearly taken a shine to him. What??? Still, she continues to flirt with Carl, who’s unhappy to hear she might be leaving soon. Declan still wants Megan as festival manager, but he’s not going to let her muck him around and says he wants an answer by the next day.