Cherry is nervous as Lucas and Richmond arrive to collect her and Lucas asks her to change into something sexier. Nervous Cherry plays the part well and convinces Coyle, however he wants to move somewhere else to do the deal. Cherry utters her codeword, but Lucas stops Richmond from wading in as she wants to follow them. However, they soon lose them and appeal on the radio for assistance from any units to which Rob responds.

Rob follows them to a warehouse, and inside jittery Cherry accidentally blows her cover and Coyle is furious. Coyle has Cherry cornered as Rob arrives and Rob fights Coyle off but is soon in trouble. Cherry hits Coyle with his own baseball bat and when backup arrive Rob is furious with Lucas and Richmond.

Rob says the operation was all totally against protocol, and he’s going to report them – to Lucas’s annoyance Richmond agrees. They all have to report to the Chief Inspector and Lucas reluctantly resigns herself to her fate while Rob is left to reassure a trembling Cherry.

At The Mill, Jack catches up with Zara to apologise about walking in on her in the bathroom the night before, but she doesn’t want to know.

Also, Jimmi helps a serial runaway groom confront his fears and be honest with his future bride.

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