It’s the last goodbye for Frank

Pat, Peggy and the family gather in the Vic to hear the reading of the will. The solicitor, Sarah, has brought a huge trunk of Frank’s belongings with her. Frank has left everyone a personal memento, but nothing of any worth. Pat is tearful when she looks at the wedding photo Frank has left her which says ‘the happiest day of my life’.

Pat, Ricky and Diane take Frank’s ashes to the Square gardens to scatter them but they are unsure which spot to pick. Janine joins the family and takes charge and makes a lovely respectful job of scattering the ashes. Pat finally makes her peace with Janine and tells her that she’s always welcome.

Bianca’s teenage stepdaughter Whitney urges Bianca to call Ricky for help. Bianca meets Ricky, but can’t bring herself to admit that she’s been evicted, worried that he’ll demand to take their son Liam. Bianca does a runner and returns to the kids but she is worried about money. The police find the family on the streets and when Bianca tries to run off, they haul the family off to the station.

Also, Pat has second thoughts about moving to Spain; Melinda leaves Ricky when she

realises he’s not going to be rich!

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