It’s the Supachef final!

It’s the day of the televised Supachef final and Rob needs a new sous chef. Jack and Immie compete for the position and, when Jack wins, father and son head off to the television studios.

At The Mill, Mrs Tembe is putting Elaine through her paces as her sous chef – without respite and much to the chagrin of Elaine. Celebrity chef Alex McRanald has joined Vaughan as Supachef judge – a bad review from Vaughan closed down one of Alex’s restaurants, and the animosity is clear.

Vaughan announces a new skills round: preparing and cooking a pheasant. Mrs Tembe is hindered by a squeamish Elaine, but Rob gets stuck in, passing the first round. Next is the cooking of the bird – but as Jack helps Rob figure out what to cook, he cuts his finger and is made to leave the contest.

Elaine seizes the opportunity to leave; Jack need her medical help. Mrs Tembe continues alone and plates up her dish, but Rob drops his plate and ruins his meal. Rob plates up a ‘nouvelle cuisine’ dish with his remaining ingredients and his dish is tastier, but Alex refuses to agree with Vaughan on principle. Rob, however, is eventually declared the winner.

Meanwhile, worried about Daniel’s absence from work, Jimmi turns up at his door. Daniel tells Jimmi he needs to find Zara and Joe – he’s run out of ideas, so he’s heading to Weston to see Zara’s father, Jed. Jed tells Daniel that Zara and Joe are safe – but they’re not with him, and he’s not telling him where they are!