It’s the Willis family Vs the Turners!

Brad explains staying at Lauren’s is only a temporary arrangement, but seeing Terese’s pain, Imogen and Josh assert that all the kids’ loyalty is with their mother. When the moment of truth arrives, despite a last-minute plea from Imogen, Brad crosses the street and battle lines are drawn in Erinsborough. Later, Imogen reluctantly drops in the last of Brad’s dry cleaning only to find Piper already there. So much for family loyalty!

Liam tries to convince Amy that Kyle is making a play for her and Sonya urges her to have it out with Kyle once and for all – but Liam gets to Kyle first. Disarming him with some candid admissions, Liam asks Kyle to back off and he duly does so. Disappointed, Amy finds Liam, just missing his admission to his loan shark that he stole the money, and she invites him for a coffee.

Sonya must go back to work, despite being told to rest in order to avoid inflaming her spider bite. Toadie is adamant she needs to recover properly and that Naomi’s generous contributions will be enough to keep them going in the interim.