It’s time for Harvey to say farewell the Bay

Harvey tells Spencer he doesn’t want to leave town with things bad between them. Seeing Spencer upset, Maddy blows off hanging out with Josh to check on him. Spencer arranges to have dinner with Harvey and thanks him for all he’s done for Maddy and himself since they’ve been in the Bay. Harvey says goodbye to everyone, but as Maddy and Spencer are consoling each other Josh arrives, angry that Maddy is so close to her ex.

Chris decides to set up Irene with her dream man! He wants John to find a guy for her to date and badgers John until he agrees to help. John wants Marilyn to help, but Chris wants to keep it between them.

Andy’s sick of Sasha’s vendetta against Tamara. He doesn’t care about this campaign. However, Tamara’s surprised to find support in Phoebe, who thinks Tamara was born to be school captain.

While they’ve been bonding over Harvey’s departure, Josh is unsettled by Maddy and Spencer’s closeness. Sasha tells him not to sweat it and asks him to help with her campaign. He tells her it’s lame and most of the Mangrove River kids won’t even vote. Meanwhile, Phoebe wants to know where she and Kyle are going and if they’re getting serious. Kyle’s concerned she doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into.