It’s time to rehearse The Mill panto

Heston’s giving a team talk before the panto dress rehearsal then tells Mandy to hurry up with the stage set for the first act. Mandy’s going as fast as she can and becomes increasingly stressed as the day goes on! Then Heston’s chastising the Ugly Sisters for their poor performances when suddenly Valerie falls over a mop bucket. She has tweaked her Achilles and Howard steps in to play Cinderella as well as Baron Hardup.

Things get worse for Heston when Mrs Tembe appears on stage in traditional African dress instead of her fairy godmother costume – and Zara backs her when she insists on wearing it. Heston’s refusing to change a word of his script but Al reckons they need some comedy material to entertain the audience between scene changes, and Heston reluctantly agrees when he discovers how long it takes to change sets.

When Heston says Mandy will step in if Valerie’s unable to perform tomorrow, Mandy retorts that she’s perfect to play a downtrodden skivvy! Later, unknown to Heston, his cast are plotting against him backstage – they are going to rework his script. Just a few tweaks, says Zara…

Elsewhere, Karen leaves several messages for Phil saying she’d love to see him again. She then leaves a message for Maggie asking if they can meet up to chat about the new man in her life. As Karen waits for one of them to return her call she watches a video Jack’s posted on the wikisite and calls his mobile but it’s answered by his flatmate Tom – who Karen freaks out with her endless questions!

Also, Barry thinks his luck is in when he has to solve a series of romantic clues but is in for a shock when he finally meets his mystery woman.