It’s too late for remorse, David

Gail is determined not to forgive David for nearly killing Beth and when he collects the rest of his belongings from the house, she makes it clear that he’s not welcome. When Sarah and Jason walk in, a sheepish David sincerely tells Sarah that he’s sorry for the trouble he’s caused, but Sarah is stony faced. Gail shuts the door on her son but she’s struggling to disown him completely.

Hayley tells a stunned Becky that she’s decided to tell Christian the truth but Becky urges Hayley to see sense and keep things quiet. Hayley is wracked with indecision but she goes to the record shop and she presents Christian with Harold’s crucifix though she can’t quite bring herself to confess the truth.

Simon and Michelle return from Ireland after a relaxing holiday. Liz is unsure how her son will react to the news that she and Vernon have set a date for their wedding and she puts off telling him her news.

Also, Carla has a touch of jealousy when she sees Liam flirting with Maria.